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Letter of comment

The deadline to submit a letter of comment has passed. We are no longer accepting letters of comment.

Persons interested in communicating their views about the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Project will have many opportunities to do so. When issued, the Hearing Order will provide the details of all available options.  In the meantime, the Joint Review Panel (Panel) is accepting Letters of Comment.

A Letter of Comment is a written statement that expresses your views on the project. A Letter of Comment should include any information that will help explain or support your comments as well as the reason why you are interested in this proposed project.

A Letter of Comment is separate from any comments you have provided in response to the Panel’s earlier request for input concerning the draft List of Issues, additional information the applicant should be required to file and suggested locations for hearings.

Letters of Comment must include personal contact information such as full name and mailing address. Panel members will read and consider all Letters of Comment throughout the review process.

Your contact information and the Letter of Comment will be available on this website in the Public Registry.

Once submitted, Letters of Comment become public documents. They will be available on this website in the Public Registry.


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