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Government Participant

This option is for government organizations at the federal, provincial, territorial and municipal levels. The Government Participant option allows these government organizations the opportunity to participate without becoming Intervenors. However, government organizations may choose any of the participation methods outlined in the Hearing Order [Filing A29152].

Government Participant status allows you to:

  • submit information requests to Northern Gateway;
  • ask information requests of other Intervenors or Government Participants with prior approval of the Panel;
  • submit evidence in written format;
  • question Northern Gateway orally at the final hearings,
  • question other Intervenors orally at the final hearings with prior approval of the Panel;
  • receive all documents submitted in the joint review process including notices of motion and related materials;
  • submit notices of motion and participate in processes for notices of motion submitted by other Parties; and
  • submit a final argument.

Government Participant status requires you to respond in writing to written information requests and answer oral questions during the final hearings (if Parties receive prior Panel approval to ask oral questions).

Registration has closed. The deadline for registering to become a Government Participant was 14 July 2011.

All documents provided to the Panel must be on the public registry. Also any oral evidence or final arguments presented to the Panel in person will be transcribed and the transcripts will become public documents. Following the community and final hearings the transcripts will be available on this website in the Public Registry.


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