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Procedural Direction Questions and Answers

5 July 2010

What is a Procedural Direction?

Procedural Direction is guidance offered by the Joint Review Panel (the Panel) to assist participants in understanding the various steps in the review process and how to effectively participate. At this time, the Panel is providing direction on how comments can be made on the draft List of Issues to be considered in the review of the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Project application, whether the applicant should be required to file any additional information and on the location(s) of oral hearings.

Why did the Panel issue a Procedural Direction instead of a Hearing Order?

The Panel issued this Procedural Direction to obtain public and Aboriginal Group comments on three topics before issuing a Hearing Order. The three topics are set out in the Procedural Direction. They are:

  1. the draft List of Issues;
  2. additional information which Northern Gateway should be required to file; and
  3. location(s) for the oral hearing.

Why does the Panel want to hear from me?

The Joint Review is a public process. Information from the public and Aboriginal groups about the proposed project will be considered by the Panel in completing its environmental assessment and public interest determination. Comments on the draft List of Issues, additional information the applicant should provide and the locations for the oral hearings will help the Panel make preliminary decisions prior to issuing a Hearing Order.

What is the List of Issues and is it final?

The Panel has identified a draft list of Issues it considers necessary to complete the environmental assessment and public interest determination.

The Panel is interested in receiving comments on whether the draft List of Issues is complete or whether other issues should be added.

How was the draft List of Issues created?

The draft List of Issues reflects the topics the Panel considers necessary to complete the environmental assessment and to make its public interest determination. The list contains specific requirements set out in the Joint Review Panel Terms of Reference document.

How will a revised List of Issues be used by the Panel?

The Panel will consider comments received from the public and Aboriginal groups and revise the List of Issues as it considers appropriate. A revised List of Issues will provide the scope for what the Panel will consider during the hearing.

Where and when will the Panel sessions be held?

Panel sessions to hear oral comment on the above topics will be held at the following locations, starting on the dates indicated:

Location Venue Date and time Broadcast
Prince George, British Columbia Civic Centre - 808 Civic Plaza Starting on Wednesday, 8 September 2010 at 9:00 a.m. English

Sessions will begin at 9:00 a.m. local time on the first day in each location, and continue as directed by the Panel. Depending on the number of participants, the Panel session may extend beyond the first day.

The Panel expects to accommodate those interested in making an oral presentation by holding both daytime and evening sessions. Following the registration deadline, registered participants will be advised of the approximate scheduling for their oral comment. If you do not hear from Panel staff by the Friday prior to the start of the Panel session, please contact Louise Niro, Regulatory Officer, at 403-299-3987 or toll free at 1-800-899-1265.

Is there funding to participate in the Panel sessions?

Participant funding has already been awarded through the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency. For more information on the participant funding program through the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, please visit the website at or call 1-866-582-1884.

Has the Panel decided locations for the oral hearings?

No, one of the topics the Panel is gathering comments on through this process are the locations for the hearings. Your comments on this topic will help the Panel identify hearing locations.

How do I register to attend a Panel session?

If you want to participate and present your comments orally at one of the Panel sessions, you must register using the registration form found on the website at This form can be submitted electronically or you can print it off and submit it by mail, courier, hand delivery or fax. The address is:

Joint Review Panel - Enbridge Northern Gateway Project
444 Seventh Avenue S.W., 2nd floor mailroom
Calgary, Alberta T2P 0X8
Fax: 403 292-5503, or toll free at 1-877-288-8803

Why do I need to register to attend the Panel sessions?

In order to ensure there is enough time for everyone to be heard and for planning purposes, the Panel requires people who wish to present their comments to register in advance using the following form.

Can I still attend a Panel session if I don't register?

Yes, you can attend the Panel sessions as an observer as these sessions will be open to the public. If you have not registered and you wish to make your views known at the session, the Panel could, at their discretion, allow a presentation if time permits. You can also send your comments in writing using the following form.

What if I cannot attend one of the Panel sessions? Can I still share my views with the Panel?

Yes. The Panel encourages those who wish to share their views on the three topics outlined in the Procedural Direction to submit their comments in writing.

If you wish to provide oral comment at one of the Panel sessions by teleconference, rather than by personal attendance, please contact Louise Niro, Regulatory Officer, at 403-299-3987 or toll free at 1-800-899-1265 prior to the registration deadline for that session.

Please note that whether you present your comments at a Panel session or in writing, they will be considered equally by the Panel before it finalizes the List of Issues, determines whether additional information should be filed by the applicant, and plans the oral hearings.

Transcripts of the Panel sessions will be made available on the public registry through the Panel website at The Panel sessions will also be broadcast online so you can hear the comments being made. Please see the Panel's website for more information on listening to the broadcast.

Will my comments be posted on the public registry?

Yes, comments that are made in writing or orally will be posted on the public registry for the project.

How can I participate later on in the process?

There will be several options for people or groups interested in participating in the Panel review process at a later date. The Terms of Reference for the Joint Review Panel outline three participation options. Further details on participation options and how people can participate will be issued by the Panel at a later date.

When will the Panel issue a Hearing Order?

A Hearing Order could be issued as soon as the Panel has reviewed and considered all comments received from the process outlined in the Procedural Direction.

How do I get a copy of the application, or parts of it?

The Enbridge Northern Gateway Project application [Folder 624798] can be found on the public registry at The application is also available online on the applicant's website ( The applicant has also sent hard copies of the application to some public libraries in locations along the proposed route including Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Prince George and Kitimat.

If you wish to have an electronic or hard copy for yourself, please contact the applicant by calling toll-free at 1-888-434-0533.


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