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Newsletter September 2011 - Volume 2

Newsletter September 2011 [PDF 1695 KB]

Upcoming Participation Opportunities

For the Public and Aboriginal groups

You can share your views about the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project at the community hearings. As of September 8, 183 people have registered to provide the Panel with their oral statement.

Oral Statement

Some important details to remember:

  • Registration deadline is October 6
  • You can register online by following the links on the Panel's website under “Participating in the Process” and clicking on “Oral Statement”, or by calling 1-855-202-4559

Community hearings will be conducted January – March 2012. Locations and dates will be announced after the October 6 registration deadline.

For Intervenors and Government Participants (Parties)

Oral Evidence

215 Intervenors have registered to participate.
13 Government Participants also registered
to participate.



  • All Parties are invited to submit information requests (IRs) about the project directly to Northern Gateway
  • If you're not sure how to do this a Process Advisor can help you get started
  • There are two rounds of IRs:
    • Round #1 closed August 25. Northern Gateway is to respond to the Round 1 IRs by October 6. Parties should take time to review the answers provided by Northern Gateway. This will help you decide whether you want to ask further questions.
    • Round #2 started on August 25. The deadline for Parties to submit information requests to Northern Gateway is November 3.

All IR s and answers are public and can be accessed on the public registry.

For Intervenors Providing Oral Evidence at the Community Hearings

Oral evidence is information that is difficult to communicate in writing, such as Aboriginal oral traditions. Some important things to know are:

  • Notify the Panel by October 6
  • If you did not indicate on your original Intervenor registration form that you wanted to provide oral evidence during the community hearings, you need to send a letter to the Panel, by October 6 explaining:
    1. why you want to provide oral evidence
    2. why you cannot provide the same information in writing
    3. the time expected to give your oral evidence
    4. a short overview of the evidence that is proposed to be provided orally
    5. the names of individuals that will provide the oral evidence
    6. the language in which you would like to present your oral evidence

If you want to present oral evidence in a language other than English or French, please provide the contact information for an interpreter so that necessary arrangements can be made.

Information Request Workshop

The Process Advisory Team held its first set of workshops on July 26 using online technology and teleconferencing. Approximately 60 Intervenors and Government Participants attended the online sessions to learn more about information requests.

Participants asked many excellent questions. Some of the questions and responses are below.

Are all information requests accepted as submitted or does the Panel need to approve information requests before they are sent to Northern Gateway?


Parties send their information requests directly to Northern Gateway. The Panel does not review or approve information requests before they are sent to Northern Gateway.


Can I submit an information request to Northern Gateway on information that is not on the public registry?


Yes. If you have a question for Northern Gateway that relates to information that is not currently on the public registry, you must also include the new information in your submission so that all Parties, including Northern Gateway, understand the context for the information request.


Are there any restrictions on the kinds of questions that can be asked in the second round of information requests? In other words, can I ask a completely new question during the second round?


There are no restrictions on the kinds of questions that can be asked in the second round of information requests to Northern Gateway. You can use the second round of information requests to ask follow-up questions regarding information received in response to questions asked in round one, or you can ask completely new questions.


There are a number of people on the List of Parties that require hardcopy documents. How do I notify them of the information request that I submitted? Is there any way to get help with the costs associated with mailing hardcopies to these people?


The people who have indicated that they don't have access to the online public registry must be mailed hardcopies of any information that you submit. If you are having difficulty meeting the requirement to mail hardcopies of your information requests (or other evidence), please contact Louise Niro toll free at 1-800-899-1265. Ms. Niro will discuss your particular situation with you and an arrangement will be made to assist you.


Future Workshops will be held on a variety of topics; one example is “what to expect at community hearings,” held this coming fall/winter. Details will be posted on the Panel's website under the “What's New” section. Participants who signed up for the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Project Mailing List will also be notified by email.

If you have suggestions for future workshop topics, please let the Process Advisory Team know, at the email address below.

Helpful tips

Unsure how to prepare your information request:

The Process Advisory Team has developed a template that Parties can use to write their information request.

The template and an example are available on the Panel's website under “Quick Reference Materials”.

The Hearing Order is an important document as it explains the details of the joint review process and the schedule. You can read the Hearing Order on the Panel's website.

Questions about the joint review process?

The Process Advisory Team is available to answer questions about the joint review process and how to effectively participate in the joint review process.

You can contact the PROCESS ADVISORY TEAM at:

Telephone (toll free): 1-866-582-1884

If you would like to sign up for the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency Project Mailing List, please send your name and email address to People on the mailing list will receive periodic email updates on key steps in the joint review process.


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